Lauren King

"I am so grateful for Lauren's presence and that she helped me to deliver my son naturally, just as I had wanted." - Tracy Staker

Lauren worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 6 years at Northside Hospital. She maintains her status as a registered nurse but chooses to work solely as a birth doula and childbirth educator. Lauren is a trained DONA birth doula and certified childbirth educator through Lamaze International and teaches private prenatal birth classes.

In September 2016, Lauren and her family moved to the Nashville area where she offers private childbirth classes. Lauren has contributed many blog articles regarding labor and birth; follow the links below to benefit from her nursing education and experience working in the nation's busiest maternity ward.


Q & A With Lauren

Why did you become an OB nurse? Growing up, I was always a nurturer. I made sure my big brother got up in the morning so he wouldn’t miss the bus. As we got older, I also made sure he got up because he was my ride to school!! When he had surgery to repair his torn ACL, I was SO excited to play nurse to him. Turned out, there really wasn’t much for me to do, and when it came to changing a bandage, I was oblivious! Nevertheless, my love for helping others continued to grow. Furthermore, I always wanted to be a mom – I loved babies from a young age. I forced my neighbor (my “little sister”) to play “house” and “school” with me whenever she came over to play! Poor thing. So, it came down to being a teacher, or being a nurse. Since I’m not easily grossed out by the birthing process, but kids picking their noses DOES gross me out… nursing, it was! And yes, my 4-year-old disgusts me on a daily basis but I love him to pieces, anyway!

Why did you decide to leave nursing to be a doula? One of my favorite things about being a labor and delivery nurse was being there for my patient when she delivered her baby. I loved the bond my patient and I had, and if she delivered during my shift, it was great! I loved seeing new parents’ reactions to meeting their baby for the first time (especially new dads…oh. my. goodness!). Likewise, seeing parents become parents all over again – whether for the second time, or for the seventh time – is simply awesome. The love that is felt in the room - there are really just no words. It’s truly amazing, and an honor, to experience those first moments with a new family.

I bridge the gap between the medical world and the doula. I’m not just another labor nurse in your delivery room.

What differentiates you from other doulas? I was a nurse for six years, so I have the medical background knowledge. Although it is not within my scope of practice as a doula to do anything medical (including reading the fetal strip/heart rate monitor), I know how – I know when inductions and c-sections look suspiciously convenient rather than necessary. I bridge the gap between the medical world and the doula. I’m not just another labor nurse in your delivery room. I’m your doula, and I’m there to support and guide you, no matter what.

Why did you decide to teach Lamaze classes? My other favorite thing about being a labor and delivery nurse was educating my patients. Patients often have lots and lots of questions and I honestly loved answering their questions! Like I said, I grew up thinking I would either be a teacher or a nurse, but as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, I get to teach my absolute favorite subject – and one I am very passionate about!