Parent Nurture

Parent Nurture is a collective of registered nurses, certified infant care specialists, and a pediatric nurse practitioner bringing you the newborn care essentials in the convenience of your own home. The lessons offered by Parent Nurture give you the pertinent information needed for an optimal start to parenthood and your baby's life. You'll learn newborn care basics and calming tools, and how to implement a daily routine to promote the best nighttime sleep...and much more!

Beginning in January 2017, Parent Nurture began offering postpartum support with their New Parent / New Baby Care Package. You can ask the experts “real life” questions the moment they pop into your head, as well as get the coveted nap or shower while a specialist takes care of your baby. Peace of mind.

New Parent / New Baby support is provided in 6 hour shifts both day and night at homes across the entire metro Atlanta area.

postpartum and sibling doula

Why we love Parent Nurture

As a newborn care specialist and doula, Julie Trotter joined our agency in 2013 and began teaching private newborn care lessons to our clients. In 2015, built on the foundation of her comprehensive infant care lessons, we launched Parent Nurture, a collective of infant care specialists, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and registered nurses to provide in-home newborn care lessons and parent-shadow sessions to help new parents tackle the issues pertaining to colic, poor sleep habits, and infant care.