Gummdrop Design For Atlanta Homes

Is that paint swatch making your nervous? Perhaps you have an idea for the nursery but are hesitant to execute your plan. Elevate your space to the next level with interior decorating by Gummdrop Design. Alexa Gumm, owner and decorator, merges her interest of design and preparing parents for birth and newborn care, offering specific knowledge that caters to the delicate needs of postpartum and growing families.

Gummdrop Design will create the space of your dreams. Choose the look you want and allow Alexa to order and install your nursery. You don't have to lift a finger!


Why we love Alexa and Gummdrop Design

Alexa Gumm is a childbirth instructor, birth doula, and one heck of an artistically-talented woman. With her eye for design, she helps parents envision nurseries, playrooms, and big-kid rooms that even Pinterest couldn't help them conjure up. Alexa is a professional interior decorator and after a brief hiatus (she's a mom to 4 girls) she began designing nurseries again after her move here from Dallas, TX in 2015.