Helped my husband feel comfortable and supported


By Erin Gendron
eegendron -(at)- 

Cynthya helped us create our birth plan and shared her vast network of connections to help us assemble an awesome birth team. My baby's birthday required some things we did NOT plan for, including constant monitoring and pitocin. During these less than ideal circumstances, Cynthya was my advocate and coach, helping me to avoid pain medications and helping my husband feel comfortable and supported.

My husband had a sigh of relief the minute she stepped into the hospital room


By Heather Friedman
heatheralon -(at)-

We loved having Cynthya by our side for the birth of our first child.  During the delivery she was calming and really helped to ensure we had the birth we had visioned.  She was a great coach for my husband and a source of comfort, calm and reassurance for me during the birth. Her passion & enthusiasm for babies and delivery made her a critical partner for us and we were thrilled we had her by our side to get us through this adventure. My husband had a sigh of relief the minute she stepped into the hospital room; she is a great coach for husbands to help them provide the maximum amount of comfort to their laboring partners. She was also a great source of knowledge and advice for postpartum needs. Thanks Cynthya for being a part of our special day and helping us welcome our beautiful son into this world.

I would absolutely recommend Cynthya to anyone looking for a doula


By Katie Trokey
ktrokey -(at)-

The choice to hire Cynthya as our doula was easy. Her knowledge and capabilities in supporting childbirth were obvious, but what set her apart for me was how comfortable she was to be around. It was very important for me to choose someone whom I did not feel judged by or felt uncomfortable with at such an intimate time in my family's life. She was always just a text, email, or phone call away whenever I had questions in regards to issues with my pregnancy or choices we would make during and after the birth of our son. I had heard good things about Hypnobirthing through a friend and she sent me in the direction of choosing the Hypnobabies program, which I absolutely KNOW helped me during my quick and intense unmedicated birth. Cynthya also helped me realize why my choice of prenatal care and hospital would be so important to achieving the birth experience I was desiring. We switched to Intown Midwifery, on her referral and could not be happier with that choice. I would absolutely recommend Cynthya to anyone looking for a fact...I already have! She is an amazing woman!

Provided a wealth of information regarding issues that arise with newborns

By Leigh Schrope
leighstevensoh -(at)-

Cynthya provided invaluable post-partum doula assistance to my family and me after the birth of our second child and helped ensure that I had the time and tools necessary to enjoy my new daughter. Cynthya was willing to help play with my older son, pick up the mess I had left in the kitchen, fold laundry, ensure that I had time to eat, or hold the baby. In addition, Cynthya provided a wealth of information regarding issues that arise with newborns, from natural ways to help combat common breast infections to advice on helping newborns sleep. While the transition from one to two children certainly had its challenges, Cynthya’s assistance eased us through these obstacles and provided me with both the time and skills that I needed to adjust to my growing family. As my family continues to grow, I still reflect back on many of the discussions that I had with Cynthya and the advice that she provided.

Truly blessed to have the privilege to work beside her

By Kim Storey, CNM
Kimmie007 -(at)-

Cynthya is calming, encouraging, and full of helpful suggestions for parents and family members. She always answers all of the parents questions but does not give medical advice. Cynthya brings many things to a parents birth such as her bag of tools that she uses at each birth but more importantly, she brings her humor and compassion for the parents, family and the staff at North Fulton Hospital. Cynthya is truly a gem among doulas and I am so very glad that my clients depend on her to assist them in their birth experience. I am truly blessed to have the privilege to work beside her and assist women with their birth choices at Atlanta Midwifery.

Helped calm a chaotic and intense delivery room

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By Jennifer Determan
jldeterman -(a)-

As first time parents we wanted a doula who would work well with BOTH of us and help us achieve our desired birth plan. Cynthya was the perfect doula for us. Cynthya made a conscious effort to listen to my husband and help him be as supportive of me as possible. She helped us write, stick to, and achieve our birth plan and also helped calm a chaotic and intense delivery room to welcome our little girl. My labor progressed very quickly and having Cynthya there to help us understand our options and communicate with the doctors and nurses was a tremendous help. Looking back on the entire pregnancy and birth process, my husband and I agreed that choosing a doula that was there to help us achieve our goals, and not push her own particular preferences, was one of our best decisions. Cynthya was a tremendous asset for us both pre and postpartum and we highly recommend her.