Bridging The Gap

Hi! I'm Cynthya Dzialo, owner of The Happiest Doulas, and I want to help you have an amazing birthing experience. Since 2009, I've attended close to 400 birthdays, helping to bridge the gap in modern day maternity care by offering educational services and childbirth support to families who desire a hospital delivery. 

Five years ago, I asked my back-up doula team to join me on a quest to reach more local families in Atlanta to help them best prepare for labor and delivery. Our team specializes in guiding people in achieving a positive labor and birth by providing personal coaching throughout the childbirth experience. Our doula support services, along with parent education and infant care, help families transition from pregnancy to parenthood with confidence and ease.

 Cynthya Dzialo is the agency owner and Your Concierge.  Request a Free Consult   Here.

Cynthya Dzialo is the agency owner and Your Concierge. Request a Free Consult Here.

In addition to providing perinatal services in metro Atlanta, the agency expanded in 2018 to serve Tampa Bay when I moved to the area. I'm thrilled to be living in downtown St. Pete so close to the beach! While I'm just beginning an exploration of Tampa's birth climate, I've already joined forces with local and experienced doulas and educators. As we grow, we are building relationships with medical care providers to optimize birth outcomes in the hospital setting. In both Tampa and Atlanta, I've found local experts to provide our clients with lactation support, pregnancy massage, newborn care, and so much more. Our partnerships grow stronger each day and we keep adding to our curated list of client resources.

Our group's passion is to help people have a safe and supported birthday. We serve through connecting, listening and sharing our knowledge with soon-to-be parents so their baby's birth is a healthy and happy delivery. Please spend some time looking around our website and reach out to me to learn how we can help you have a wonderful birthing journey - we're happy to help!

Service is available in Atlanta and Tampa Bay.