Comfort Measures for the Highs and Lows of Labor

We’re holding a new event to share with you tips for keeping people comfortable in labor. Via this new workshop Comfort Measures For The Highs & Lows of Labor, you’ll build skills and confidence for baby’s birthday.


Teammate and instructor, Megan will demonstrate her techniques to help you gain deep relaxation in labor. You’ll explore which types of physical applications best support you and review common sense tips for dealing with contractions. She’ll explain about the cycle of fear/tension/pain, and how proper movement and learning different labor positions set you up for a successful childbirth experience.

This comfort measures workshop includes a booklet to refer back to for the duration of pregnancy and when labor is happening. Get yours by registering for this event at Sunset Chiropractic, 3826 Britton Plaza, Tampa, FL 33611. Seating is limited - don’t miss your chance!

Saturday 10/26
$95 per couple