Abby Campen

  Abby is part of a birth Doula Team Who Share Call in Fayette. Both she and Julie Trotter work as a doula duo in   PEACHTREE CITY and Newnan. She is Certified with Birth Boot Camp DOULAS and is a Breastfeeding Counselor in Atlanta.

Specialties: Postpartum Depression, Pumping, and Natural Births

 Abby Campen is a birth doula through Birth Boot Camp Doulas. She provides lactation consultations, newborn care classes and doula support in Newnan.

Celebrating her 1st birthday!


Abby Campen is the mother to a beautiful little girl and two furry babies. She holds doula certification with Birth Boot Camp and has passion for helping families transition into their new phase of life. She has experience with exclusively breastfeeding, pumping while working full time and overcoming the associated challenges, baby wearing, and postpartum depression.

Not accepting inquires for birthdays until 2019. Abby offers support at the Deluxe and Basic levels.

Abby lives in Newnan, 45 minutes south of downtown Atlanta, and serves the metro area in-between: Fayetteville, Peachtree City, etc. She can also easily get to Columbus and Macon. Her meeting location is Central Library - Coweta Public Library System, 85 Literary Lane, Newnan, GA 30265.


Get To Know Abby

  • She worked at Disney World for 8 years, met and married her husband there, and has since gone on 7 Disney cruises.
  • She went to space camp as a kid.
  • She met Steven Tyler of Aerosmith on Rockin Rollercoaster.

What is your doula "style"? It honestly depends on the family I am supporting. Some need me to have a more active role, some would rather I just be there for encouragement. It’s my job to fit into the style of birth you want and support you in the manner in which you want to be supported. 

In general, I will provide physical, emotional, and educational support through the various stages of pregnancy and birth. I am very patient and calm under pressure. I am very respectful of my clients and their wishes. I am a good listener and I love to help families feel empowered to rock their birth. Additionally, I focus on the whole family and not just the mom to ensure everyone has an amazing, memorable experience. 

How will you work with and involve my partner? The role of your partner will be greatly impacted by how you would like them involved and their comfort level of being involved. My role is to encourage your partner and give them the tools they need to feel confident in providing support both physically and emotionally. I also work to ensure that they are not only taking care of the mom, but themselves. It is important for me that all parties involved feel the most amazing sense of accomplishment after the baby is born.

After experiencing a loss, it was important for me to have someone that would help me bring a spirituality aspect into my next birth.

How has being a Christian affected your work as a doula? After experiencing a loss, it was important for me to have someone that would help me bring a spirituality aspect into my next birth. I find it helps calm and center me.  As my client, I can incorporate that into your birth or I can keep my personal beliefs to myself. I treat every client, no matter their background or beliefs with honor, dignity and respect because that is what they deserve from me.

What do you most want for your Doula clients? As a doula, I want them to feel ready to conquer their birth and feel prepared for the next phase in life. I want the family to feel ready for their new family member.  I want dad to feel confident in his abilities to support his wife in labor. I want mom to feel like she has all the knowledge she needs to feel like she is in the driver seat of her birth, as I believe knowledge is the eradicator of fear. I want mom and dad to feel empowered at their birth and to have a supportive birth team surrounding them. I hope to be part of that supportive birth team, and I would love to help them welcome their new addition to their family into this world.