Shaela Daugherty

 Jeni is an Atlanta Doula and offers birthing class at Intown Midwifery. She is a Lactation Consultant and teaches private and group Breastfeeding classes in Decatur and at Atlanta Medical Center.

Specialties: Coaching, Nutrition, Fitness and Yoga

Age 1, always smiling so bright, especially when food is involved


Shaela loves all things food, fitness and adventure. She also has a passion for fitness and nutrition. She is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, provides personal fitness training and is working toward gaining a 200 hour yoga certificate while also becoming a Birthfit Coach. Shaela privately coaches both pregnant and postpartum clients in reaching peak physical fitness to prevent ailments and optimize childbirth and recovery.

Accepting inquiries for birthdays in 2018 in the areas of Tampa Bay, Lakeland & Orlando

Her meeting location is Black & Brew at 205 E Main St, Lakeland, FL 33801. Shaela supports birthdays at the following locations:

Lakeland Regional Health
Tampa General Hospital
BayCare (St. Joseph's - Women's, South and North)
BayCare (Morton Plant)
Florida Hospital (Tampa and Wesley Chapel)
Winnie Palmer Hospital


Get To Know Shaela

  • Shaela and her husband are the proud parents of a mixed breed dog, who is 60 pounds of high maintenance.
  • Her sister calls her “bub” or “bubba,” because she always wanted a little brother, and instead got a little sister.
  • She is a huge fan of Universal Studios and goes to the park on a regular basis.

What helped shaped your attitude about birth? My attitude was shaped about birth back when I was in college. I remember when I was in High School I always told my mom that when it came time for me to have a baby one day I would want all the pain killers, or would adopt kids because I thought labor was just too much. However, when I was in college I remember several instances with other women who shared their birth experiences with me, and it started changing my outlook on how I would want to give birth one day. They shared the good, bad and ugly and gave me resources to just look into what kind of birth I would want one day as a mom. It completely revolutionized my outlook on my body, on my marriage, and what I would want for my own children’s birth story.

Where did you find your passion to become a doula? I believe my passion for becoming a doula has been years in the making. There have been so many people in my life who have encouraged me and poured into me and taught me what it looks like to have a good birth experience, but it was really my Doula Trainer, Alexa Gumm, who helped me kindle the flame. I worked for Alexa and her family in Fort Worth as I was getting my masters degree, and it was during that time that she really started helping me cultivate this passion (even though she didn’t know it at the time, and neither did I). I would always love to see her after her births and hear about some of the experiences she had. When she had a doula training in my area, that’s when I really stared researching and digging deeper into this curiosity. It was then that I decided without a doubt that I wanted to attend her training and help women the same way other women helped shape a happy and healthy birth philosophy in me.

I will be her biggest cheerleader and resource to help her in whatever way she needs...

What do you want most for your doula clients? I want my doula clients to feel loved first and foremost. I want my moms to know that no matter what happens in the birth, whether it goes according to plan or whether it ends up in a different direction than she wanted, I am going to support her, love her and try to ease her in every way that I can emotionally and physically. I want them to know above all else, I will be her biggest cheerleader and resource to help her in whatever way she needs during her pregnancy and birth.