Stephanie Finn


"Because of her professionalism, positive attitude and continuous support, my birthing process was calm, peaceful and enjoyable." - Zielia C.


Specialties: well child care/prevention, pediatric nursing


She still gets just as excited for Easter!


Stephanie is passionate about all things health and wellness for children and their families—food quality, time connected to nature, social support, environment, and more. She enjoys sharing what she has learned about infant care with new parents. She currently practices as a pediatric nurse practitioner at CentreSpring MD.

Stephanie teaches our Parent Essentials Lesson within the city of Atlanta and Decatur.


Get To Know Stephanie

  • Stephanie loves to spend time with family on the gulf coast beaches in sunny Florida.

  • In her down time, Stephanie enjoys gardening with her daughter, and exploring the city of Atlanta with her daughter and husband.

  • She is known to whip up a new healthy recipe in her kitchen at least a couple of times a week! Sometimes this is a success.

Why did you become a nurse? Though my main reasons for becoming a nurse stay the same, with new experiences I find that there are many more reasons. For example, at times when I’ve helped a parent navigate a new challenge and the result helps the whole family! In my teens, I volunteered in a children’s hospital where my cousin, who had cystic fibrosis, would go for his care. I was inspired by the children
and nurses, how they had the perfect blend of caring and intelligence, and used humor as medicine, perhaps unknowingly. Those experiences led me down the path of becoming a nurse. I love finding solutions for families that improve their lives.

What drew you to parent education? I enjoyed working with infants as a nurse practitioner. After many patient encounters and then having my own child, I realized there were gaps I could fill around parent education of newborn and infant care. I decided to put to use what I’ve learned to help parents navigate this wonderful, yet sometimes overwhelming, time in their lives by teaching private lessons.

What do you hope to inspire in new parents? Confidence in their ability to care for their children and continued confidence to seek out best solutions for the betterment of their child’s/families health.