5 Signs You Are Obsessed with Your Mucus Plug

mucus plug labor.png

One of the most universal things observed with first time pregnancies is the constant looking for signs labor is beginning. For whatever reason, the mucus plug is something many women have decided is the number one indicator.

Here are some signs you are obsessed with your mucous plug:

  1. You know what a mucus plug is and you are pregnant with your first child.
  2. You more often than not check the toilet paper you have used to wipe with for signs of your mucus plug.
  3. You have done a Google image search of mucous plug.
  4. You have talked to more than 2 people about the possibility you have lost your mucus plug.
  5. You have taken a photograph of something that had the potential of being your mucous plug and texted a friend/husband/care provider said photograph. Bonus points if you posted in a group on Baby Center.

The difficult thing about the mucus plug is that you could immediately go into labor or it could be a couple weeks. It is good to know about your pregnancy and what will go on with your body. That being said, maybe it’s best not to put so much emphasis on one part of the whole picture.


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