A Pioneer in Natural Obstetrical and Pediatric Care


Aviva Romm, MD is both a certified nurse midwife and integrative physician. As an herbalist, she has authored many books on the subject of women's health and herbal medicine. She recommends a natural approach to healing that replaces or compliments pharmaceutical prescriptions of today's medical community. She has an extensive blog, which shares her women's centered ideas and holistic remedies, proving her to be a pioneer of natural healing in obstetrical care. Aviva's website also offers online courses for self-study of botanical medicine, called WomanWise.

This article includes her suggestions for natural inductions and her opinion of "The Gray Zone" - medical "reasons" to induce labor such as "a big baby" and "overdue mamas". The national average of medical inductions is over 23% and the World Heath Organization recommends no more than 10% of all births. Something's gotta give. 

Take control of your health, and remember that medical doctors are human beings with special training (not special powers!) who may be consulted when considering your options and whose opinion may or may not be the advice you follow to stay healthy. Most medical doctors seem to push drugs and ignore alternative methods or natural remedies. YOU need to educate yourself so that you can be confident in your health care. 

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