Are you worried a doula will kill the intimacy of labor?


Unless you plan to have an unassisted birth at home, you will be interacting with many people during your labor day at the hospital.

Birth Photographer, Christina Hodgen of The Happiest Doulas quietly takes photos of a home birth in Roswell.

After you've been admitted to your birthing facility, a representative from the hospital's admission office may come knocking for additional information from you or to have you sign more paperwork. Sometimes a technician from the lab comes in to take blood samples from you, otherwise your assigned labor and delivery nurse will do this while inserting your IV port, if desired. Your midwife or doctor (or whoever is on call that day) will be checking in with you periodically throughout your labor, either in person or via your maternity nurse by telephone.

Occasionally, nurses train other nurses or have "shadows" and you'll get two for the price of one! Your nurse(s) need to take breaks and a back-up nurse will fill-in for short periods of time. If your nurse is also assisting another patient and that person delivers their baby before you do, your nurse might be unavailable for quite a while.

Also, if there is a hint of meconium present when your amniotic sac breaks, a team of respiratory specialists are called to be present during the last 10-20 minutes that you are pushing to birth your baby.

It's Just Another Busy Day...

Sometimes members of the hospital maintenance staff (or other random employees) knock, enter, and then realize they are in the wrong room. Or maybe another nurse needs an item from your room, has to turn on the light to find it, and then forgets to shut it off as she leaves with the retrieved item. Sounds busy, right? Imagine trying to relax, sleep or walk around naked through all of this.


Guardians of Your Birthing Environment 

A doula can preserve the intimacy of the birthing room and be a consistent care provider for you and your partner. Doulas maintain the ambience of a labor room, keep good energy flowing, and help limit distractions, which allows the couple to relax and know they are cared for. Your doula wants to make sure that you both enjoy the birth of your child and has only your interest in mind. After all, birth is her passion and you've hired her for this special event - use her to your full advantage.

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