Atlanta Birth Center

The dream is now reality. Atlanta's first birthing center is open and accepting patients.

A hospital’s model of care is based solely on a medicalized process that presents a higher risk of low birth weight, infant mortality, use of interventions and more. In contrast, the Atlanta Birth Center provides a holistic program with comprehensive midwifery care, a nurturing environment where you will feel supported, respected, safe and secure and personalized, family-centered care from highly qualified holistic health care providers.

The Atlanta Birth Center is an integrated part of the health care system, providing comprehensive maternity and women’s health services including laboratory, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic testing. The midwives accept low risk healthy pregnancies, along with pregnancies that have risk factors and are being closely monitored. Circumstances that are contraindications for a birth at the Center include vaginal birth after a cesarean, multiples (twins, etc.), placenta previa, issues with managing blood pressure, and breech presentations. Pregnancies that occur after 36 years of age (if a first birth), or before 16 years of age.

The certified nurse midwives are Anjli Hinman, Crystal Bailey and Erin Graham. The medical director is Al Overstreet at Atlanta Medical Center, which is where non-emergent patient transfers will be sent. The Center is right behind Emory University Midtown Hospital, where all emergent transfers will be sent.

Discover more about giving birth at Atlanta Birth Center and the holistic care available for you and your baby. You may attend an upcoming Monthly Meet The Midwives to hear all about their services and offerings such as use of nitrous oxide during labor, water birth and hydrotherapy, and in-home postpartum care.

Why We Love the Atlanta Birth Center

In addition to the above details about their holistic and comprehensive midwifery program, the Atlanta Birth Center employs two of our team members! Three years ago, Layne Lindemann joined The Happiest Doulas attending births as a doula and now also works on-call at the Center since she is a registered maternity nurse. Sandi Angotti, a doula since 2003 and one of our Lamaze childbirth class instructors, is also a registered nurse in the position of nurse manager at the Atlanta Birth Center. Obviously, our team is passionate about serving pregnant families! Our missions are similar - to help people discover their childbirth options and to welcome their babies earthside in whatever manner they wish to do so.

Atlanta Birth Center is a Georgia Nonprofit Corporation which has been granted tax-exempt status as a IRS Section 501(c)(3) public charity. Your contribution will enable their organization to further their purpose of developing an accredited birth and wellness facility in Atlanta, providing family-centered and evidence-based care, accessible to all. Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Atlanta Birth Center on their website here or contact

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