How To Avoid a C-section Without Changing Hospitals For Less Than The Cost of a Latte A Day


Do you know how to avoid the primary c-section? Hire a doula.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) backs this claim. An excerpt from their website:

"Today, approximately 60% of all cesarean births are primary cesareans. Although cesarean birth can be life-saving for the baby and/or the mother, the rapid increase in cesarean birth rates raises significant concern that cesarean delivery is overused without clear evidence of improved maternal or newborn outcomes."

Read ACOG's full article published March 2014: Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery, which discusses ways to decrease cesarean deliveries, including:

  • Allowing prolonged latent (early) phase labor.

  • Considering cervical dilation of 6 cm (instead of 4 cm) as the start of active phase labor.

  • Allowing more time for labor to progress in the active phase.

  • Allowing women to push for at least two hours if they have delivered before, three hours if it’s their first delivery, and even longer in some situations, for example, with an epidural.

  • Using techniques to assist with vaginal delivery, which is the preferred method when possible. This may include the use of forceps, for example.

  • Encouraging patients to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

One of the main points is to use continuous labor and delivery support: 

"Published data indicate that one of the most effective tools to improve labor and delivery outcomes is the continuous presence of support personnel, such as a doula. A Cochrane meta-analysis of 12 trials and more than 15,000 women demonstrated that the presence of continuous one-on-one support during labor and delivery was associated with improved patient satisfaction and a statistically significant reduction in the rate of cesarean delivery (111). Given that there are no associated measurable harms, this resource is probably underutilized."

Approximately 60% of all cesarean births are primary cesareans.

At the hospital, laboring families aren't truly supported during childbirth unless they have a doula present. Care providers are quite busy and frequently enter and exit the room leaving you unattended while they are busy with other patients. Our birth doulas stay by your side and provide support when you need it most!

Still wonder if doula support is necessary? Research your hospital's c-section rate - many metro hospitals are WELL ABOVE the national average of 32.2%. Afterwards, watch The Business of Being Born, a documentary "eye-opener" about birth in America.

Simply put, our team helps you obtain your true childbirth options so you can have a great labor and birth experience.


For less money than you'd spend on a latte a day, you can hire an experienced labor doula.

Get dependable support for less than $5 per day of your pregnancy. Think about that. Then think about the cost of a c-section and an extended hospital stay. Hiring an experienced doula who works well with your care providers WILL SAVE YOU MONEY.

Many of our clients use their HSA/FSA debit cards to pay for childbirth services such as classes and doula support. Our agency includes our NPI number and taxonomy code on our order confirmations so you may attempt reimbursement from your insurance company or HSA/FSA accounts.

You should also note that we offer eGiftCards. If you receive a gift card after to you after you've paid, you'll be refunded the amount to the credit card used to reserve services through our website.

For less money than you’d spend on a latte a day, you can hire help from an experienced labor doula.

You'll remember your birthing experience forever. I wish you and your family a healthy and happy birthday.

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Reference: Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery