Essential Items for Baby and Which to Ditch


Having a baby is such an exciting time but we know it can also be overwhelming with so many choices to make during pregnancy. When considering which items to add to your gift registry, the baby aisles may seem enormous and have you wondering which items are really necessary to get. Check out our list of must-have essential items to get your nursery stocked and ready for your little bundle(s) of joy! For a more detailed list of "less major" items, check out our BabyList Registry.

4 Things You Can Do Without

  1. Wipes warmer. Having your baby get used to warm wipes at home won’t do much good when you're out and about and all you have are cold wipes.

  2. Bottle sterilizer. Hot soap and water or running the bottles through the dishwasher kills the germs just as well.

  3. Portable swing. Unless you travel a lot and want an easy swing to take along, this really isn’t necessary.

  4. Stuffed animal with womb sounds. These are much too quiet for baby.

12 Must-Have Baby Items

  1. Travel System (Infant Carset and Stroller combo)

  2. Chicco Liteway Stroller

  3. Bassinet / Pack n Play / Crib

  4. Diaper pail (if budget is tight, use a garbage can with a tight fitting lid and hold your nose when it's open!)

  5. Rocking chair

  6. Baby swing

  7. Large square swaddle blankets or Swaddle Me wraps

  8. Conair white noise sound machine; read why here

  9. Tommee Tippee bottles

  10. MAM pacifiers

  11. Medela breast pump

  12. Baby monitor


We recommend your creating only ONE online gift registry to include all the items you wish to receive. Add our Gift Card link to be gifted any dollar amount toward the purchase of doula services and childbirth classes. How cool is that?!