Turn Your Passion and Skills Into a Lucrative and Rewarding Profession


Join a fleet of well-respected, experienced birth professionals

Become part of the global Birth Boot Camp community, the most supportive, affirmative and positive place online and in-person for doulas and childbirth instructors. If you are considering becoming a certified birth doula, we would love to have you join us for an upcoming Birth Boot Camp DOULAS training. Our 3 day workshops provide you with hands-on doula training, emphasizing professionalism and business development.

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS (BBCD) are backed by the Birth Boot Camp brand, which is nationally recognized for successfully preparing couples for natural birth.


Be mentored by successful and inspirational doulas

Your training focuses on professional doula work and how you can build a business that is both sustainable and professionally satisfying. You will learn how to turn your passion and skills into a lucrative and rewarding profession!

Your trainers teach about effective and therapeutic communication with clients, healthcare providers and staff. Information about supporting women postnatally and how to provide the first line of defense against postpartum mood disorders will be thoroughly discussed.

Certifying doula organizations typically require its trainees to audit a local prenatal birthing class. The BBCD program provides you with our modern and comprehensive ONLINE childbirth call series. Also included in your training is a breastfeeding workshop where you'll receive in-person, doula-specific skills from respected IBCLC, Mellanie Sheppard.

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS requires prep work is done before the workshop. All trainees come to the event after completing their reading, study guide, and paperwork. This puts everyone on the same page, ready to learn hands-­on skills and how to operate a successful practice.

There are many more points that set Birth Boot Camp DOULAS apart from other certification programs, including access to professional marketing materials and online forums:    

  • Rigorous pre-­training curriculum and membership in our Facebook study group
  • Access to the online Birth Boot Camp childbirth education (manual not included), prior to training
  • A copy of Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE video course to be viewed prior to training
  • Doula breastfeeding support skills taught by an IBCLC
  • Detailed Doula Manual
  • Training by professionals to build skills in marketing and website creation
  • Your professional bio and link on the Birth Boot Camp website so you can be reached by your ideal clients
  • A vanity email address
  • A copy of the booklet, Supporting Arms, to help you secure clients
  • Business and marketing materials and Birth Boot Camp photo archives
  • Birth Boot Camp tumbler, pen, and tote bag
  • An online Facebook community with fellow Birth Boot Camp DOULAS

You will leave this training feeling confident not only with your new skills set as one of the Birth Boot Camp DOULAS, but in interviewing potential clients and conducting prenatal and postpartum appointments. You'll receive access to professionally designed and printed marketing materials (see examples) so you don't have to spend your time or money making home made "client packets" while waiting for your turn to use the copy machine at Office Depot.

This program has everything you need and then some! Sign up for a doula training now and begin your new career, joining a fleet of well-respected, experienced birth professionals.


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