Fertility and the Tilted Uterus

There's a little known cause of infertility and chronic miscarriage that Western doctors often dismiss: the tilted uterus.

The uterus can become malpositioned due to any kind of physical or sexual/emotional trauma to the pelvic or sacral area and can tilt in a number of directions:

  • To the right or left side
  • Backwards onto the colon (termed retroversion or retroflexion)
  • Forward onto the bladder (anteversion)
  • Downward (prolapsed) to varying degrees- the worst of which is when the uterus actually falls out of the vaginal canal.

These various uterine positions can hinder getting and staying pregnant in the following ways:

Ovulation Compromised

Ovulation can become difficult or compromised when the uterus is tilted to a side and weighted upon the egg-releasing ovary (oftentimes creating pain during ovulation).

Hindered Fertilization

Fertilization can become compromised when the fallopian tubes are weighted upon by the displaced uterus (at times sperm are able to make their way into the fallopian tube, creating higher risk for life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, a 1 in 50 risk for women).

Toxic Uterus

The intrauterine environment can become toxic due to inability of menstrual blood to flow out completely during menstruation. This can potentially create a space where sperm or fertilized ovum (embryo) are unable to survive.

Higher Risk of Miscarriage

Menstrual blood not able to flow out during menstruation will pool and coagulate along the inner wall of the uterus- creating a 'false' or 'weak' wall upon which the embryo implants. As the embyro grows and becomes a fetus (at about 8 weeks) it's added weight can pull the placental site away from the uterine wall causing miscarriage.

The Traditional Medicine Approach

Amongst the complementary/alternative health modalities available to help couples challenged with infertility are the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™, techniques are founded on the ancient Mayan technique of abdominal massage which is an external non invasive manipulation that repositions internal organs that have shifted, thereby restricting the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi. Also included in sessions/consultations are a look at potential contributing dietary and lifestyle factors, and what (if any) use of herbal remedies might be appropriate for the individual in relation to where they are in their healing process. To learn more please visit www.arvigotherapy.com.

Written by Reid Forrester, a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and long-time women's health practitioner in the Atlanta area. Her practice focuses on helping women overcome infertility and move on to have healthy pregnancies and births.