Free (or cheap) Breastfeeding Classes?

Have you seen advertisements for free (or cheap!) breastfeeding classes online, in large department stores or hospitals? While these classes may seem so tempting for many reasons, there are a few flaws in attending such classes:

  1. Breastfeeding is as important as your birth. Many parents-to-be spend countless hours preparing for their birth; attending a childbirth class series, reading birth books, interviewing providers, taking fitness classes, researching birthing options, making a solid birth plan, and even composing the perfect playlist for their big day. Just as the placenta nourishes the baby in the womb, the breasts nourish the baby outside the womb. Shouldn’t the same amount of preparation one puts into birth be put into breastfeeding? 
  2. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Really, there isn’t. Who is producing these free online classes? What messages are they trying to convey? Where are they putting in the advertisements? Someone has to benefit from these free classes or it is just not profitable as classes do cost money to produce and update. 
  3. Reduced fees means poor services. A $10 class sounds tempting, but in order for that class to be profitable, there needs to be about 20 couples in that class and the class must last 2 hours. High volume is the key here. Can 20 couples really learn the basics of breastfeeding in 2 hours? One would expect handouts, a video or two (so the instructor can catch their breath), plenty of coupons and/or advertisements, and no time for questions. 

Here are the importances of competitively priced breastfeeding classes:

  1. Smaller class size and longer class time allows for optimal learning. This gives couples plenty of time to process the information as well as ask questions and receive a non-hurried, detailed answer. Why? Because breastfeeding is important.
  2. There are different teaching methods used in the class. The instructor will likely combine lecture, videos, games, hands on practice, quizzes, and even stand up comedy to ensure you truly absorb the content being presented. 
  3. Competitive pricing means that the instructor has gone to great lengths to make sure you get your money’s worth. Instead of reading from a script, the instructor creates unique handouts and presentation slides, reviews notes, makes sure all content reflects the latest research, and strives for your satisfaction in the class. 
  4. The instructor does not have any financial or undisclosed interest in products that are discussed in the class. All of the information given is the honest opinion of the honest instructor. 

For more information on why a breastfeeding class is important, visit Best for Babes.

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