Perfect your pregnancy posture to maximize your chances for an easy and fast labor and birth



Prepare your body for birth by practicing “corrective exercises.” These physical movements create balance in the body, strengthen and relax the muscles involved in labor, and help prevent a stall in labor due to a malposition of the baby.

Our perinatal program is ideal for individuals who are pregnant, recovering postpartum, or supporting their fertility. In home, customized fitness sessions are designed to safely prepare mom for a healthy pregnancy, balanced body for childbirth, quicker postpartum recovery, or fertility support.

You’ll take an in-depth look at how balanced posture reduces pregnancy discomforts and impacts baby’s presentation for childbirth and learn the appropriate exercises to keep you strong and on-track toward your goals. Find out how intentional exercise and proper functional movements support faster recovery for postpartum moms and fertility in couples looking to conceive.

Get experienced hands-on assistance to execute proper form, belly breathing, and the overall physical support needed during pregnancy or labor. You’ll learn how to correct your posture in pregnancy for comfort and to maximize your chance for an easier and faster labor and delivery. Katie Dudley, Master Trainer shares with you her tips for safe exercise and postnatal recovery.

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