How to Get Friends to Pay For Your Doula (and other must-have baby items)

by Cynthya Dzialo, certified Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula and CBI birth doula, owner of The Happiest Doulas


We understand the costs associated with having a baby and many items are truly must-haves. To save money, you could borrow an age-appropriate car seat, or buy a stroller second-hand, or simply create a baby registry and have these gifted to you. Here's how to simplify the process and add ANY item available on the internet.


BabyList is the easiest way to create ONE registry that includes any item or service from any store or website. Once an item has been selected from your registry, the gift-giver may purchase it at any store - online or in-person. You can even order 100 free baby registry cards to insert into shower invitations or to pass out when nice people ask what you need for the baby. 

We believe childbirth classes, doula support, and postpartum services are THE MOST valuable presents! For instance, doula support reduces your risk of having a c-section by 50%, which is a proven fact and acknowledged by ACOG. Read more here.

Our suggestion to afford these much needed, big ticket items, is for you to add such services to your gift registry on BabyList and have your co-workers and loved ones contribute to your health and success.

You can add any service or product offered from our online store! Here's how to encourage your loved ones to make the purchases you really need: 

  1. Create an account on BabyList.
  2. Review our sample gift registry for exactly what you'll need.
  3. Add a Browser button to your desktop search browser to automatically add registry items when surfing the web on your PC.
  4. Visit our Gift Card purchase page and press your new Browser button to add cards to your BabyList registry.
  5. Download the BabyList app for your iPhone/iPad or the Android app.

Alternatively, you can share our Gift Card link via email, text, or social media, to collect gift cards in varying amounts that can be used toward the purchase of any service. If you receive a gift card after your purchase is made, we will refund the amount to your credit card.

Spend some time now exploring our website, blog and catalog of services to learn all the The Happiest Doulas offer our community. Then, share this post with your friends and ask them to give a gift you really need - doula support!