How To Make Your Second Labor Better Than The First In Just 2 Hours Without Much Effort


You may have anxiety and uncertainty planning for an upcoming birth even if a prior labor was a good experience for your family. What will labor be like? Will there be similar circumstances and a timeline as the first one? What if it is better or worse than you remember?

When expecting your second or third baby, you may not think you need more "education" on the childbirth process or have time to spend on an entire class series. It is easy to be distracted with day to day life when you have a busy family and dedicating a whole day to attend a group prenatal class is overkill! Since I believe it is valuable for you and your partner to focus on your intentions for the upcoming birthday, I provide in-home guidance to help you plan for an amazing labor and birth with a 2 hour "Refresher" lesson.

This Birth Boot Camp Refresher is not just about providing basic mechanics of birth, but gives you and your partner space to talk through worries and fears, review labor positions and coping skills, recall which tools were most helpful previously, and spend some dedicated time discussing what the new baby might need.

As your family dynamics change, I can help alleviate your stress about the unknown.

I really enjoy teaching these Refresher lessons because I know they help to eliminate fear and get couples excited about going through the process of childbirth again. These couples fully understand that although they are about to embark on a difficult journey into uncertain territory, they are totally capable of doing it together.

Let me help you plan and prepare for your next AMAZING birth. Register below for your lesson and consider our Premium Birth Support to combine the Refresher with doula support for your baby's birthday.