How to Transfer Care During Pregnancy to Have an Optimal Birth Experience

As a Birth Boot Camp teacher and doula, about 50% of my students and clients change care providers at some point during their pregnancy. While it is quite easy to switch, I have found there are several misconceptions regarding transferring care during pregnancy. Here are the top objections to reconsider.


1. I’m in my third trimester, it’s too late.

No, there are a handful of practices with which our agency is aligned that DO take late transfers. Remember, it is worth your time to explore your options. You will only birth THIS baby one time and your first birth sets you up for your second. You do not want to have regrets and question your provider’s care after the fact.

2. It probably takes a long time to receive records.

No, usually records can be sent within 24-72 hours.

3. My insurance company won’t "let" me.

I know it’s shocking, but women actually move across country during their pregnancies and have to switch providers! This is not uncommon. Your new provider will bill for each future prenatal visit. The actual birth has not been billed for as of yet.

4. I like my OB/GYN. I’ve been seeing them since I was 18 years old but I’m not sure they can provide what I want for my baby's birth.

True! Just because a provider treats a woman for infertility, gynecological issues, birth control, and has an efficient office, doesn't mean you will be provided choices for your labor and birth. You need to be certain your provider aligns with your birth preferences. Don’t ask for filet mignon at McDonald’s.

5. I feel guilty for "firing" my provider. Won’t they miss me? I’m embarrassed. Maybe I should just stay and switch with my next pregnancy.

It is highly unlikely you will even receive a phone call asking why you have had your records transferred. Most practices are far too busy to worry about losing a patient. You will not be missed.

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