Maintaining Your Mental Health While Using Assisted Reproductive Technology


My name is Shubha Swamy and I started Novo Psychotherapy, LLC so I could offer support, education, and help you feel empowered to take care of yourself. I truly believe we all can benefit from continued growth, learning, and new perspectives. 

I often hear from folks that they never thought they would “need counseling” or were skeptical to try it, and found their experience with me to be helpful, “a relief” and of value. My professional satisfaction comes from getting to work with you, towards your goal, and seeing you stretch yourself and find a new-found confidence, or peace or trust in yourself and your capabilities.  


I have been a licensed therapist for fifteen years and have acquired a variety of skills and advanced trainings. My focus is Reproductive Mental Health; I want to help couples and individuals who are struggling with fertility issues, IVF/Infertility treatments, and Postpartum Mental Health. I work extensively with couples and individuals who are facing infertility issues and are having to utilize Assisted Reproductive Technology and while there may be some common themes, everyone’s story is unique and teaches me more about this process. I chose this area of specialty for a few reasons: 

  1. I have had a lot of training and great interest in mindfulness, stress-reduction, trauma work, and most recently hypnotherapy and I thought these skills would naturally lend themselves to helping folks cope with the stressors related to family planning, infertility, childbirth, and certainly child-rearing.

  2. I have noticed that there is so much shame, guilt, secrecy, avoidance, and disconnect when it comes to infertility, pre or postnatal mood issues (anxiety or depression or psychosis), and it seemed apparent to me, that these challenging times are when folks need the most support, care, understanding, empathy, tools and reassurances. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! There are so many couples/women going through very similar doubts, fears, and shame (“1 in 7 mothers will have Postpartum Depression, JAMA Psychiatry, May, 2013, vol.70).  Individuals going through infertility have endured so many losses (identity as a male/female, control over their body and reproductive process, miscarriages/pregnancy losses), they may avoid people, situations, and friends for fear of talking about babies or shame, there can be anxiety, depression, and a whole host of psycho-social issues. J. Jaffe has coined the term “reproductive trauma (2011)” to encompass the myriad of issues folks may be experiencing. I want to be one of those people who can offer support, understanding, and normalize your experience.

  3. I have gone through IVF, two times, and I have a deep compassion and respect for those who have yearned and struggled to be parents. I am also a parent, and I have, and continue to live through all the doubts, fears, anxieties, joys, love, and wonder that it brings. I have learned it is very important to be able to name what is going on for you – it is freeing, it is empowering, and it is a step towards healing and understanding. 
Our mind and body are inter-connected and we need to value, invest, and care for our whole selves.

I often make the metaphor between therapy and personal training: we all know some basic exercises that we can do to better our health, but seldom do we really push ourselves, expand our repertoire, and remain consistent without extra encouragement/trainer urging us along. I am that person who can help you achieve that growth towards greater peace and well-being. Our mind and body are inter-connected and we need to value, invest, and care for our whole selves.  

I invite you to contact me for an initial conversation about your needs and how I can help: 770-847-0358,, or visit