Knowing Your Options is Vital to Your Labor and Birth


Are those adorable “Mommy’s Little Turkey” outfits staring you down as you walk by in the store? You bet! Are the Christmas carols playing at Target yet? Of course! Is your financially-savvy hubby hoping for that tax write-off to arrive before the New Year? Definitely!

I’d also be willing to bet that your doctor has casually mentioned scheduling an induction. You know, so you can be home in time to enjoy the holidays with your family. Or maybe that thought already crossed your mind. It would be convenient to have a baby before all the craziness of the holidays really settles in, wouldn't it? But that’s the problem. It’s convenient. Let that sink in for a minute. Convenience. Who benefits from this convenience? Let me give you a hint: it ain’t you, and it ain’t your baby either. When asked by your doctor if you’d like to schedule your induction, be sure you are honestly weighing the risks and benefits. Induction puts you at a greater risk for c-section, and it also puts your baby at greater risk for health concerns if she is not ready to be born yet.

Give your baby and your body the chance to go into labor when the time is right naturally, not conveniently. I promise you, that is the best gift you will receive this holiday season, and some things are definitely worth waiting for! Do your research, and know your options - a doula can help you find unbiased, and well-rounded information. Don't miss out due to the hectic holiday schedule - schedule an interview today with one of The Happiest Doulas before she is booked.


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