5 Must Try Morning Sickness Remedies


Do you have morning sickness? It is caused by hormonal changes, vitamin deficiency, low blood sugar, strong smells and typically tends to get a little worse around the 12th week or so. Here are a few natural remedies that can get you to the homestretch! 


1. Try sipping ginger "tea." Take a fresh root of ginger and grate it, or slice it into slivers and drop into a cup of boiling water. Or, if you’re in need of some quick relief, you can put it into a mug and nuke it for about three minutes. Add a little honey to taste and drink every morning!

2. Try boosting your intake of Vitamin B6. Several studies have shown that vitamin B6 supplements reduce nausea in pregnancy. Spinach, sunflower seeds, potatoes, chicken and whole grains are all good sources, along with nuts, peas, and beans.

3. Have a snack or nibble on something every few hours to avoid low blood sugar, which can trigger nausea and vomiting when pregnant.

4. Stay hydrated. During my own pregnancy, if I was even mildly dehydrated, I found myself vomiting more. It’s been found that women who drink a glass of water every hour are much less likely to suffer from morning sickness, so bottoms up! 

5. Potato chips. I know, I know. This one is definitely a little off the beaten path, but potato chips can alleviate nausea that’s due to over-production of saliva. The salt present in potato chips helps dry up the saliva.


They Say It's Temporary: Sick of Being Sick

Morning sickness isn't fun, but it's temporary. If none of these cures work for you, take comfort in knowing most women find morning sickness cures itself by the time they begin the second trimester of pregnancy.

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