Nutrition Tips for Surviving and Thriving During Postpartum and Breastfeeding

by Jeni Standard, Certified Lactation Counselor, Doula and Childbirth Educator, Herbalist and Personal Chef at MamaFare

Sleep deprivation and fluctuating hormone levels are real, and they are certainly enough to deal with on their own. Add in poor nutrition and you've got a fine recipe for postpartum depression, and low milk supply. Do yourself a favor, and take some time to plan for your postpartum period while you are still pregnant. Your wellness is worth it!

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Here is a simple recipe for a nutritious smoothie perfect for the postpartum time. It's packed with magnesium to alleviate muscle soreness, potassium to help keep you hydrated and combat fatigue, and if you add a handful or two of raw or frozen spinach, it's packed with iron to rebuild blood stores. 

For more tips and to read the original article on how to best support your postpartum diet, visit To maximize your diet and optimize your first few weeks of parenthood, consider an in-home culinary service like the ones available through MamaFare. Personalized entrees are prepared in your kitchen, packed in oven proof glass containers, labeled with recommended reheating instructions and stacked in your refrigerator. MamaFare leaves you with a fridge full of ready to eat, delicious, nutrient dense foods, and a clean kitchen.


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