How To Keep Your Family Safe: Placenta Processing and Sanitation

by Melanie Nasmyth, Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and owner of Natural Afterbirth, a partner provider of The Happiest Doulas.


Natural Afterbirth provides a clinical approach to placenta encapsulation services that protects the integrity of the placenta throughout the process. With trained specialists and a dedicated workspace designed solely for placenta encapsulation, our services are safe, efficient, and can process a placenta in less than 20 hours. Not only does our specially designed workspace allow for better sanitation than a kitchen, it also protects the placenta and those in the mother's family from unintended exposure to contaminates in a busy home. 

We use temperature controlled equipment to ensure the nutritional value of the placenta is not degraded by exposure to high temperatures or variations in temperatures. Likewise, our encapsulation process ensures that each capsule has a consistent amount of finely ground placenta to allow for proper dosing. It Is important to note each pill should contain pure placenta with no herbal additives that may cause unexpected side effects rendering the pills unusable. We are the go-to provider for area birth professionals, as well as, several national professional groups.

Each pill should contain pure placenta without herbal additives that may cause unexpected side effects rendering the pills unusable.

If you plan to hire a placenta specialist NOT associated with Natural Afterbirth, you must choose where your placenta will be processed. You can use your kitchen or the specialist’s workspace - either their home kitchen or a dedicated area for preparing placentas. Read a comparison of the benefits and drawbacks to each option.

To ensure your safety and the efficacy of your placenta "happy" pills, secure the encapsulation services of Natural Afterbirth. We offer smoothies, truffles, and more!


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