Inspired Nourishment: Atlanta's Private Culinary Service for Postpartum Families

Introducing MamaFare, a private culinary service by Jeni Standard, Birth Doula, Herbalist and Chef Extraordinaire.

The postpartum parent transitions from pregnancy to birth, leaving the hospital with a newborn to care for. Although expected and obvious, this "fourth trimester" can shock the system with sleep deprivation, limited time to take care of everyday needs, causing new parents to often rely on takeout and pizza delivery. We've removed this obstacle that stands in the way of your postpartum health by providing in-home culinary services and nourishment of the soul.

MamaFare aims to eliminate one major task postpartum by making it convenient for new parents to nourish themselves well while learning to care for a new baby. Sound nutrition along with adequate rest, and support in the first few weeks postpartum are essential in setting up a solid milk supply, speed post-natal healing and for avoiding postpartum depression.

Sound nutrition along with adequate rest, are essential in setting up a solid milk supply and avoiding postpartum depression.

Our meals are designed for the nutritional needs of the post-natal and nursing parent, and menus are designed with seasonality in mind so that we are able to incorporate produce from local, organic farmers as much as possible. We are able to accommodate most any food lifestyle, special dietary restrictions and food allergens. We offer gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.

The window you have as a brand new family is so fleeting and precious. Set yourself up for success and ask for in-home help from an expert who caters specifically to the needs of new parents. To view a sample menu and arrange personal culinary service, visit MamaFare to learn how it will work for you.


Jeni Standard is a wife, mother, birth doula, herbalist, and nutritionista. Jeni holds certifications in topics specific to pregnancy and childbirth, lactation, nutrition and herbalism.