Prenatal Exercises and Birthing Positions for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction


A condition called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) occurs when the ligaments that keep your pelvis aligned during pregnancy become too relaxed (due to the hormone relaxin) and causes excessive movement of the pubis symphysis. This can make walking or sitting difficult, and sometimes extremely painful, affecting approximately one out of four pregnant women.

Download a free copy of the British Journal of Midwifery's Guide to Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. 

It is recommended that women with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction give birth in an upright position with knees slightly apart. Another option is the all-fours position, keeping the knees close together. A waterbirth may be preferable as water allows buoyancy that can support the joints. And soaking in a warm tub is divine during labor!

Watch the video for exercises for support and how to give birth more comfortably with SPD.