Join this special "ONE DAY" childbirth class August 25th in Atlanta

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Supported by research studies that examine the benefits and risks of maternity care practices, six healthy birth practices are the foundation of Lamaze childbirth classes taught around the world. These practices are designed to simplify the birth process in order to alleviate fear and manage discomfort in labor. No matter what type of labor, the length of your labor, or your confidence level, these practices are key to keeping you and your baby as safe and healthy as possible. 

You may keep reading to learn how each of these six healthy birth practices can help you optimize your birth outcome or sign up now to take an Intensive Study, a group childbirth class taught by The Happiest Doulas at CentreSpring MD's Brookhaven location. You'll learn tested strategies for labor comfort and progress, gain insider tips from their time working alongside your OB or midwife, and help prepare you for your transition to parenthood. Don't miss out!


Intensive Preparation For Childbirth by The Happiest Doulas

This group childbirth class provides hands-on training for an optimal birth experience in a hospital setting. Topics include discussion of the 6 Healthy Birth Practices, WHAT TO EXPECT in labor, common newborn procedures at the hospital, LABOR COMFORT MEASURES and postpartum expectations and must-have items.

With this "intensive" ONE DAY childbirth class, you'll learn how to get evidence-based care to optimize your birth outcome. Gain the tools needed to receive evidence-based medical care, learn alternatives to routine childbirth procedures, and reduce your risk of a c-section. You'll receive:

  • Relevant and current evidence-based birth information

  • Tested strategies applicable to childbirth at all medical facilities

  • Insider tips to help you advocate for yourself and access ALL available childbirth options

  • In-depth review of the 6 Healthy Birth Practices

  • Access to the ONLINE Learning Center so you can review additional materials; videos, birth evidence, sample birth plans, and many instructor tips for labor and postpartum healing.

Location: CentreSpring MD at 1401 Dresden Dr., Atlanta, GA 30319
Date: Sunday, August 25 at 12:00pm until 3:30pm



If you cannot attend this ONE DAY prenatal birthing class, consider scheduling a private, in-home lesson (click here). All the topics listed above will be covered as well as content tailored to suit your specific needs.

Special addition to this "intensive" ONE DAY group class! We will include a break out session to prepare you for birth through practicing corrective exercises. These movements create balance in the body, strengthen and relax the muscles involved in labor, and help prevent a stall in labor due to a malposition of the baby. Partners will get hands-on experience to support and assist to execute proper form, belly breathing, and the overall physical support needed during pregnancy or labor.

Learn how to correct your posture in pregnancy for comfort and to maximize your chance for an easier and faster labor and delivery. Katie Dudley, Master Trainer will also discuss postpartum expectations for safe exercise and recovery, as well as share her tips to prevent injury when returning to exercise.

Credit Lamaze International

Credit Lamaze International