Shouldn't I hire a doula who is also a birth photographer?

Combining roles and services is a great way for you to save money. We know it's expensive to hire Christina Hodgen to provide you with birth photography and it is certainly twice as costly to secure the support of one of our experienced doulas too. But oh so worth it.

When hired to photograph a labor and birth, Christina's time isn't divided between providing the hands-on attention a doula should be able to provide to you and grabbing the opportunity to capture an important moment of your labor and baby's birth. Let alone the fact Christina is documenting the story of your birth - your doula is a big part of the special day and if your doula is also your photographer, your baby's birth story will be incomplete.  

Considering her specific doula training and her own two natural birth experiences at Atlanta Medical Center, Christina is quite knowledgeable in normal birth practices and offers help from time to time throughout labor and postpartum. Rather than splitting her focus at a client's labor, Christina masters her craft of capturing the fleeting moments of birth so you'll get the photographs of a lifetime.