We Make it Easy to Secure Support

Our doulas will assist you in having a rewarding birth experience that you'll cherish forever. We encourage you to hold a phone interview with two members of our team so you can compare personalities, experience, and skills set. Go with your gut feeling to decide what is most important for your family, then book your doula before someone else does!

Once you become a client of the agency, you’ll be looked after the agency’s entire team. It takes a village!


5 Easy Steps to Hire The Happiest Doulas in Atlanta

  1. Determine the qualities or specifications you'd like your doula to possess. Ex.: proximity to your home or hospital (darn traffic!), personality or energy level, acquired skill set/training, etc.

  2. Reading our FAQS may be helpful to you as well.

  3. Request a phone consultation with Cynthya to discuss your needs and desired birth plans. She will connect you with a doula to interview who best meets your needs.

  4. After you've selected your doula team, secure your place on our client calendar by accepting our service quote and making financial arrangements. After which, you will receive an email confirmation and instructions to log in to the Membership Portal.

  5. Rest assured that you will have the support of our team to help you celebrate your baby's birthday - after all, we've attended over 2,000 births to date!

Please note:

  • Be sure to tell your friends and family that we offer Gift Certificates. We will refund any gifted amount to the credit card used to pay for services.

  • We are happy to accept monthly installments for birth services, if needed. Just tell us what we can do to help you.

  • Every family's needs are different and we are happy to help each in any way we can. Please specify your requirements during your free phone consultation with Cynthya.