"The classes were great for me, but mostly, I wanted my husband to really understand the process. He is not the type to read books, so a class was perfect." - N.B.

A Comprehensive Childbirth Class Series For Hospital Labor and Delivery

Group class sessions allow real-time discussion and connection with other students like yourself. Come join us! You'll gain the tools needed to optimize medical appointments and your childbirth experience.

Begin this bootcamp series between the 26th and 33rd weeks of your pregnancy. Registration fee is for 2 seats.

Save $130 on this class series when reserving Labor Doula service.


  • At each session, we practice comfort measures for labor allowing you to determine which are most effective as new skills are learned.

  • You'll receive resources to focus on self care; every meeting ends with a guided relaxation exercise (meditation / hypnosis techniques) to practice at home for a comfortable pregnancy and early labor time.

  • The class curriculum is evidence based information - no crystals, artwork, group chanting or "methods" of giving birth

  • During the first prenatal class, you'll receive a comprehensive Field Manual - a full-color, detailed workbook.

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"Megan struck the perfect balance between offering advice/helpful resources and facilitating open and honest dialogue within the group. I highly recommend taking her class in order to connect with other moms, educate yourself on pregnancy, labor and delivery, and get excited about the entire process!" - Foster P.


You will learn information specific to your hospital birth experience. Topics include:

  • Hospital Policies Which Will Likely Affect Your Birth

  • Testing: GBS, Ultrasound, and Vaginal Exams and Your Birth

  • Due Dates: When, Why & How Induction Works

  • Epidurals & Endorphins: From Stirrups to natural birth

  • Comfort Measures and Tips for Reducing Pain

  • Relaxation: Releasing Tension During Labor & Pregnancy

  • Getting Started: Pre and Early Labor

  • Getting Serious: Active Labor and Transition

  • What Do Contractions Feel Like?

  • Top 10 Tools for Partners

  • The Importance of Communication: Learning to Talk and Listen in Labor

  • Pushing: How You and Your Baby Work Together

  • Pushing Positions: What You Need to Know Beforehand

  • Third Stage: Delivery of the Placenta

  • Reasons for a Cesarean: Making it a Good Experience

  • Variations of Labor: Handling Situations that May Arise

  • Your Birth Plan: A Communication Tool

  • Newborn Procedures: Creating a Postpartum Plan


The confidence and practical knowledge you will gain is unparalleled. You will know what questions to ask your provider. You’ll be familiar with common tests and procedures and the specific language surrounding hospital birth. You will know how to communicate your desires with your partner and your birth team. You will be prepared for an amazing hospital birth.

Save $130 on this class series when reserving Labor Doula service.