How to get evidence-based care for labor and birth

Prepare for a hospital labor and birth with this private prenatal class. Topics include WHAT TO EXPECT for labor, common hospital procedures, LABOR COMFORT MEASURES and postpartum expectations.

Get insider tips collected from our time spent working alongside your OB and midwifery team. We'll provide you with the tools needed to get evidence based birth care, discuss alternatives to routine childbirth procedures, and show you how to reduce your risk of having a c-section. You'll receive:

  • In-depth review of the six simple and evidenced-based principles that promote a safe and healthy birth

  • Relevant and tested strategies applicable to childbirth at all medical facilities

  • Insider tips to help you advocate for yourself and access ALL available childbirth options

  • Access to our ONLINE Learning Center so you can review additional materials; videos, birth evidence, sample birth plans, tips for labor and postpartum healing from our instructors and doula team

Aim to take this birthing class between the 32nd and 38th weeks of your pregnancy.
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Childbirth Instructors:

Schedule your private, in-home lesson now. We'll cover all the topics listed above and tailor the content to suit your specific needs.

Save $95 on this lesson when reserving Labor Doula service.

The Institute of Medicine says it takes on average 17 YEARS after new research is published for medical professionals to change the way they practice. Don't get stuck with outdated practices for your baby's birthday! With our private intensive class, you'll learn how to get evidence based care to optimize your birth outcome.

Attribution: Lamaze International