MamaFare Nourishment in Atlanta

Meals designed with the nutrition of the post-natal and nursing parent in mind.

The postpartum family transitions from pregnancy to birth, leaving the hospital with a newborn to care for. Although expected and obvious, this "fourth trimester" can shock the system with sleep deprivation, limited time to take care of everyday needs, causing new parents to often rely on takeout and pizza delivery. MamaFare removes this obstacle that stands in the way of your postpartum health by providing in-home culinary services and nourishment of the soul.

Sound nutrition along with adequate rest, and support in the first few weeks postpartum are essential in setting up a solid milk supply, healing efficiently and preventing postpartum depression. The postpartum time is too important to waste on fast food. Try the slow-food approach of MamaFare to ensure you have a healthy and supported "baby moon."

After your approval of a suggested menu with any requested adjustments, a day will be arranged to come to your home with all groceries, and most equipment necessary to prepare your meals. Prepared entrees will be packed in oven proof, glass containers, labeled with recommended reheating instructions if necessary and stacked in your refrigerator. Smoothie packs and some breakfast items will be stored frozen, as well as entrees if you prefer. We leave you with a fridge full of ready to eat, delicious, nutrient dense foods, and a clean kitchen.

  • MamaFare menus are designed with seasonality in mind so that we are able to incorporate produce from local, organic farmers as much as possible.  
  • The grass-fed beef, chicken, pork, eggs and dairy, that we use is sourced from local producers as well. All fish or seafood used is wild caught and sustainably harvested.  
  • All other ingredients used are organic and Non-GMO unless there is no alternative.
  • We provide reusable glass containers. All you need to do is rinse them out, place them in the box provided, and we will pick them up.
  • We are able to accommodate most any food lifestyle, special dietary restrictions or food allergens. Gluten free, vegan, etc.

View a sample menu here and let us know what personal adjustments you'd like to make. We look forward to serving you.