Peak Conditioning For Childbirth and Postpartum Recovery

Our modern lifestyles, with little or no balanced, proper movement, are not conducive to the complex nature of an ideal, healthy birth experience. We can help you change this! While addressing your unique needs for perinatal fitness, each private session reviews foundational movements and postural basics to help you achieve optimal comfort and health.


Perinatal Fitness & Wellness Coaching (Platinum) 

A perfect program for pregnancy, postpartum healing, or the individual trying to conceive. Establish a
solid foundation and learn safe parameters for healthy exercise and movement with 12 in-home fitness
sessions and customized wellness program. Balance posture and pelvic for walking, moving, exercising,
and diminishing discomfort or leakage before and after baby is born. Combine your fitness routine with
supportive foods and meal planning ideal for a comfortable pregnancy and post birth to assist with
breastfeeding, mood balance, body composition and healing.

  • Evaluate diastasis recti, alignment, proper movement, and muscle imbalances;
  • A customized program designed to develop overall balance for birth and regain strength and energy postpartum;
  • Includes Food & Fitness workbook (see below for description);
  • One month of On-Call Customized Nutritional and Wellness Coaching. For use at any point during pregnancy, postpartum, or conception period for meal planning for weight and stress management, immune support, gut health, sleep hygiene, lactation, or fertility. Includes TWO 60 minute sessions (video/phone or in-person in the Atlanta area) and additional support via email, phone, text, and/or video between sessions.
    Highlights: Balance nutrients, improve sleep, address headaches, eliminate back/hip pain/sciatica/plantar fasciitis, prevent common pregnancy ailments, and support lactation.

Schedule conditioning sessions 3-7 days apart and Wellness Coaching Sessions 2 weeks apart. If
postpartum, it is recommended not to schedule a session until 6 weeks post delivery or released by care

12 fitness & 2 wellness sessions

Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness

Our perinatal program is ideal for individuals who are pregnant, recovering postpartum, or supporting
their fertility. In home, customized fitness sessions designed to safely prepare mom for a healthy
pregnancy, balanced body for childbirth, quicker postpartum recovery, or fertility support. Take an in-depth look at how balanced posture reduces pregnancy discomforts and impacts baby’s presentation for
childbirth and learn the appropriate exercises. Find out how intentional exercise and proper functional
movements support faster recovery for postpartum moms and fertility in couples looking to conceive.

  • Evaluate posture, movement patterns, and breathing;
  • Design customized workout plan and teach proper form, technique, and how to integrate into lifestyle
  • Institute safe parameters on healthy exercises and movements to support healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and return balance to pelvic floor for walking, moving, exercising, and diminishing discomforts/leakage postpartum;
  • Set new fitness goals and implement a workout routine adapted to your needs and your fitness level;
    Highlights: Strengthen core, balance pelvis, eliminate back/hip/sciatica/plantar fasciitis, address round ligament discomfort, reduce/prevent diastasis recti

Sessions should be scheduled 3-7 days apart. If postpartum, it is recommended not to schedule a
session until 6 weeks post delivery or released by care provider. Each session builds on the previous
session, re-evaluating technique, setting short and long term goals to strengthen body and core to help
prevent/heal diastasis, incontinence, injury, or recover safely after birth. Sessions are good for 4

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2 Sessions $295 (Bronze)
4 Sessions $395 (Silver)
8 Sessions $695 (Gold)




Customized Nutritional & Wellness Coaching

(Add-on to Gold, Silver, or Bronze Level $275)

A full month of on-call personalized support. Custom meal planning for weight and stress management, immune support, gut health, sleep hygiene and lactation. For use at any point during pregnancy or postpartum, or period of conception.

Schedule sessions 2 weeks apart. Includes:

  • Two, 60 minute sessions (video/phone, or in-person Atlanta area)
  • On-call support in between sessions (email, phone, text, video)
  • Receive Action Items emails
  • Includes "Food & Fitness" Workbook 

$345/2 sessions




"Food & Fitness" Workbook 

A guide to all things nutrition and exercise during pregnancy and postpartum. This workbook is an amazing tool to have throughout the journey. This ultimate self care resource includes an exercise program, nutrition, pelvic floor program, daily self care journal, tips for feeling great, etc.

  • Learn which resistance training exercises, foam rolling, and flexibility techniques are best for a more comfortable pregnancy.
  • Work on posture and alignment in preparation for birth and supporting the pelvic floor and core.
  • Discover what nutrients are vital for pregnancy and how to support mom and baby's immune system and gut health.
  • Gain tools to navigate many common pregnancy and postpartum complaints.
  • Establish self care habits to support breastfeeding and healing postpartum.

$40 per workbook