BirthYearBook Photography in Atlanta

Document your journey × Hand crafted with love

Document your personal journey from pregnancy to baby with BirthYearBook. Photojournalist, Christina Hodgen, documents your beautiful pregnant belly, photographs your labor, and baby's birthday, then completes her montage with a newborn photography session in your home. At the end of your birth year, Christina presents you with a bound hardcover keepsake of your journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

From Christina, you won't get any overly photoshopped "Glamour Shots" like you see so often produced by other photographers. Stay real with BirthYearBook.


Why we love Christina and BirthYearBook:

Christina has a BFA in photography and a background in portrait photography. This, combined with her training as a birth doula, provides her with the perfect foundation to produce some of the best work Atlanta has seen within the industry. Inspired by her doula supported natural births in 2011 and 2015, both with The Happiest Doulas, Christina took a leap of faith and merged her interest of birth and photojournalism into a new career as a birth photographer in Atlanta.

As you can see from the above video, the BirthYearBook is a piece of art on its own; artwork for you to share or keep as part of your private collection.