Reboot Refresher

Why take a childbirth class refresher?

Often with subsequent pregnancies, parents are so busy keeping up with their families that they don't take the time to focus on the details of the new pregnancy and their plans for the upcoming birth. The Reboot Refresher is an opportunity to intentionally spend some time preparing the family utilizing the same self-care techniques you mastered during previous pregnancies. You will be reminded of the details that you already know about birth, and discuss which relaxation tools are most effective for you. This class pushes you to get clear on your goals for the upcoming birth while putting tips for a smooth labor and delivery in the forefront of your mind. 

Included in the Reboot Refresher:

  • 2 hours of private instruction in your home

  • Birth Boot Camp Reboot Refresher course booklet

  • Relaxation and labor position practice, and hands-on review

We will address concerns lingering from your previous birth experience so you are encouraged and revitalized for your next baby's birthday. Aim to take this class near weeks 33-36 of your pregnancy.

If you need doula support too, consider our Premium Birth Support & Prenatal Package - we include a private lesson for two people!