Prenatal & Birth Support Package

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Prenatal & Birth Support Package

from 1,375.00

We'll help you have a happy birthday party! Our Prenatal & Birth Support Package includes:

  1. In-person labor support provided by the primary doula of your choosing. Includes guaranteed reservation of back-up doula service for your peace of mind.
  2. A prenatal meeting to discuss your birthday plans with your primary doula. This 2 hour consult takes place in your home to discuss your birth preferences, labor positions, relaxation tips, and what to expect when labor begins so you can stay relaxed and confident during your birthing time.

  3. Access to our private Facebook group, Pregnancy & Beyond, so you can connect with other soon-to-be parents just like you!

  4. Access to our Membership Portal, which includes evidence-based research on medical inductions, perinatal care, newborn procedures, breastfeeding, and other relevant topics so you won't have to "Dr. Google" your questions.

  5. We'll share with you our samples of effective birth plans and an easy guide to construct your own to solicit help from your care providers to achieve your ideal birth experience.

  6. You'll receive email and telephone/text support from the point of purchase and dedicated 24/7 on-call labor support starting at 37 weeks by your primary birth doula and the entire back-up team.

  7. Following your baby's birth, we'll help you introduce your baby to breast so you can begin a successful breastfeeding journey.

  8. Call us if you'd like to meet postpartum - we can catch up over coffee or lunch whenever you feel up to leaving the house. We also invite you to connect with our clients and team via our meet-ups and playdates.


Upgrade to the Premium Level to enhance your birth outcome. At this level, you'll get childbirth education for you and your partner. We offer 3 childbirth class options:

  1. Attendance for 2 people in our Intensive Study group class or as an in-home, private childbirth lesson (3 hours). Includes access to our online Lamaze Learning Center, which may be reviewed before and after class/lesson is completed.

  2. Two seats in our Birth Boot Camp LIVE class series OR registration in the complete ONLINE version. Includes a student Field Guide. LIVE class series meets for 6 consecutive weeks.

  3. Attendance for 2 people in our group "Refresher" class or as in-home, private lesson (2 hours). This is designed for people who have taken a childbirth class during a previous pregnancy.

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