If you are looking for the most "bang for your buck" when hiring the services of a birth doula, STOP reading.

The Happiest Doulas in Atlanta aren't going to clean your kitchen, handle your placenta, or cast your belly. If you're ok with this, and want to work with an experienced birth doula from an established agency, read on. We'd love to show you how we can truly make a positive impact during the birth of your child so that you will get the best outcome. It's our specialty.

Our doula agency provides childbirth education and labor support. That's it. And yet, we believe it's everything. Our core offering is based on current birth evidence delivering tremendous value to our clients. By specializing in doula services, we are focused on preparing clients for birth and giving them the tools needed for a positive experience.

Synergistic Support For Pregnancy and Birth

For a healthy pregnancy and birthing time, you'll need to create a team of trusted doulas, doctors and midwives in support of your birthday wishes - whatever they may be. Since we've attended over 2,000 birthdays, we have likely worked alongside your OB or midwife beforehand, offering you synergistic support during the most important moments of your lifetime.

The next step toward having a happy birthday is to review our childbirth classes and reserve labor support. For the best birth outcome, arrange doula services months in advance of your estimated guess date, although it's never too late to join our party. Truly, we can help.