Giving The Support You Really Need 

At the hospital, laboring families aren't truly supported during childbirth unless they have a doula present. Care providers are quite busy and frequently enter/exit your room leaving you unattended while they are busy with other patients. Doulas stay with you and provide help when you need it most! In labor, doulas visit your home and help you decide when to go to the hospital. During pregnancy, doulas help you choose a care provider based on your specific needs, and we help you define your ideal labor and birth plan.

We Are Childbirth Sherpas

The Happiest Doulas guide you and stay by your side during your pregnancy and postpartum journey. We help with the heavy lifting of labor and are expert at alternative routes and birthing options. We navigate the hospital environment and work closely with your educators, doctors, and midwives. Our doula team has taken this journey 1,500 times and can help you safely reach your childbirth destination. Read testimonials from our clients about how we've helped them reach their goals.

The Happiest Doulas offer Atlanta families prenatal and postpartum services, cherishing the birth process and believing it transforms parents. Together, we create empowering birthday parties and postpartum journeys that celebrate life, health, and parenthood. Cake is optional.

The Happiest Doulas support whatever decisions you make and feel are best for your family. Our job is to make sure your wishes are heard by your care providers and the hospital staff, and that you have the pertinent information to give informed consent at all times, which allows you to achieve your heart's desire and enjoy your labor experience.

The next step toward your goal is to secure our birth and postpartum support. Request a telephone interview with one or two of our doulas and we'll guide you the rest of the way. We look forward to working with you!