Thank you again for sharing your knowledge about the options so that we could make decisions that work best for us. We are anticipating our birthday with even more excitement!” - Lizzie

Make it a Happy Birthday!

Your baby's birthday is the biggest event of your life and it should be a fulfilling, beautiful celebration; although this often is not the case for most women giving birth in Atlanta. Creating a team of trusted individuals that support your specific goals is the key to your emotional and physical health during childbirth and postpartum. To help you achieve your desired type of delivery, you must create a team of dedicated professionals starting with choosing the right doula agency. To avoid feeling the same regret so many women experience postpartum, secure our doula team before our calendar is full. We work hard to help you have the best birthing experience possible so don't miss out on enjoying our Birth Support & Prenatal Packages.

Your next step towards a happy birthday is to schedule a FREE interview by telephone or find your ideal level of support below and book it before someone else does.

Birth Support & Prenatal Package - Basic Level

Education + Support = Ideal Outcome
(with a bit of sugar on top!)

When working with The Happiest Doulas, you'll receive support for your childbirth preferences. We cheerlead you during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum by providing information so you can make informed decisions that meet the needs and desires for your family. Our doulas make sure your voice is heard during childbirth and that your plan is read and followed by the hospital staff.

Our Birth Support & Prenatal Package includes:

  1. Your choice of a primary and back-up doula for on-call labor support.
  2. One prenatal meeting to discuss your birthday plans; we will meet at your home to discuss your preferences, newborn procedures, labor positions, relaxation tips, and what to expect when labor begins so you can stay relaxed and confident during your birthing time.

Additionally, you'll get the following support: 

  • Access to our Membership Portal, which includes evidence-based research on medical inductions, perinatal care, newborn procedures, breastfeeding, and other relevant topics so you won't have to "Dr. Google" your questions.
  • We'll share with you our samples of effective birth plans and an easy guide to construct your own. We'll teach you how-to present it effectively to your care providers to solicit their help in achieving your ideal birth experience.
  • Access to our Facebook group, Pregnant in Atlanta, so you can connect with other soon-to-be moms just like you!
  • You'll receive email and telephone/text support from your point of purchase and dedicated 24/7 on-call labor support starting at 37 weeks by your primary birth doula and the entire back-up team (just in case).
  • We'll help you introduce your baby to breast so you may begin a successful breastfeeding journey.
  • Call us if you'd like to meet postpartum - we can catch up over coffee or lunch whenever you feel up to leaving the house. We also invite you to connect with our clients via our Atlanta Postpartum Support Group for monthly meetups to walk the Beltline or stroll with your baby through Piedmont Park.

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