Thank you again for sharing your knowledge about the options so that we could make decisions that work best for us. We are anticipating our birthday with even more excitement!” - Lizzie

Make it a Happy Birthday!

Your baby's birthday is the biggest event of your life and it can be a fulfilling, beautiful celebration. Creating a team of trusted individuals that support you in reaching your specific goals is key to your empowerment and well being. We are happy to become part of your dream team of dedicated professionals to help you achieve your desired type of delivery. Our client calendar is limited to 2-3 births per month per doula - schedule a FREE interview by telephone or video call. 

When working with one of The Happiest Doulas, you'll receive support for your childbirth preferences. We encourage you to find your ideal path to welcome your baby into this world. We cheerlead you during pregnancy, labor and postpartum by providing information so you can make informed and empowered decisions that meet the needs and desires for your family. Our doulas make sure your voice is heard during childbirth and that your plan is read and followed by the hospital staff.

In the weeks that follow your baby's birthday, we can answer questions about postnatal and breastfeeding issues. We are your 2:00 in the morning (or afternoon) buddy that offers a friendly and sympathetic ear when the rest of the world is asleep or unavailable. No concern or question is silly or unimportant when you are worried and need assurance and we're more than happy to help!

If requested, we'd love to visit you during your postpartum period. We can meet for coffee to catch up, talk about your baby's birthday and take photos as keepsakes. Many clients regularly share with us their photos and videos, and stay in touch long term - we consider them part of our extended family.

Our hope is that our clients use us as a resource for pregnancy and beyond. Be sure to follow The Happiest Doula boards on Pinterest. Specifically, the Birth Doula / Labor Support Board includes many helpful articles posted by midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and lactation consultants from all over the country. Also, feel free to ask questions and join in our Facebook discussions. See you there!

Birth Support & Prenatal Package

Get labor doula support for your baby's birthday! We limit the amount of client bookings to 2 or 3 births per calendar month so don't delay in reserving your spot. Schedule a free interview by telephone or video call NOW or request a $25 in-person interview.

All of our Birth Support & Prenatal Packages (Basic, Deluxe, Plus, and Premium) include:

  • Access to the membership section, Doula Clients Only, which includes researched articles / videos on natural and medical labor induction, comfort measures, newborn procedures, postpartum tips, and much more!
  • Email and telephone support from point of purchase prior to your 37 week mark (24-48 hour response time)
  • Dedicated 24/7 on-call labor support (from week 37 on) and mobile numbers of our doula back-up team just in case (priceless!)
  • Continuous support during active labor and delivery, including comfort and progress tips, mama / baby positioning techniques, massage, acupressure, belly sifting, etc. (a value that far exceeds cost)

1. Birthday Planning / Prenatal Consultation ($357 value)

  • One 2 hour Prenatal Consultation to discuss birth preferences, newborn procedures, labor positions for comfort and progress, relaxation tips, and what to do when labor begins
  • Downloadable birth plan samples and an easy guide on how to construct your own and present it effectively 
  • A list of pertinent items to pack in your hospital labor bag complete with product link recommendations, and suggestions for your diaper/baby and postpartum bags

2. Guidance During Early Labor ($329 value)

  • Telephone support in early labor; help with assessing the status of your labor, emotional support, tips for comfort and progress - partners greatly appreciate this!
  • Permission during labor to Skype, Google Video Call, or FaceTime your labor doula for demonstration of positions 
  • Suggestions of what to do when your water breaks with or without the onset of labor, before you arrive at the hospital
  • Recommendations on when to go to the hospital during labor and how to make the car ride easier; support to stay focused and comfortable during your triage assessment.

3. Postpartum Guidance and Review ($179 value)

  • Assistance with your initial breastfeeding attempt (priceless!) and 1-2 hours of support immediately following the birth
  • Two "any hour" postpartum telephone calls, if needed within two weeks of your baby's birthday (call us whether it is 2am or 2pm - we're ready to help you!)
  • Unlimited text, email, phone support during daylight hours
  • If requested, one 90 minute postpartum visit to review the birth and provide tips for healing, newborn care, and breastfeeding

The Premium Package for $1199 is provided by our group's most experienced birth doulas, Cynthya, Alice, and Lauren, who have collectively attended over 500 birthdays.

The Deluxe Plus ($999) is provided by Chanda, who has attended 35 births as a doula. This package includes all of the above services and professional photographs of your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum time (a value of $899). View her work here.

The Deluxe Package ($899) is our most popular doula service provided by Jeni S. who is a certified birth doula and has attended 75 birthdays. Also offering this package is Jenny B., a certified childbirth educator and hypno-doula, and trained postpartum doula, who has attended over 15 births.

The Basic Package ($599) is provided by our apprentice doulas, who may be working toward their certification or have limited birth experience. Our apprentices are members of The Doula Academy and attend quarterly meetings with our more “seasoned” doulas and have the added support of a mentor doula, who they may call for phone support during long and difficult labors. Their positive attitudes and dedication are valuable assets as they offer a more affordable service option to clients.

  • If you need hypno-doula support, please review our Hypno Add-on Service option for the Hypnobabies self-study course. Hypno-doula support is included free for students of our Hypnobabies 6 week class series. 
  • Before making your purchase, confirm whether or not you are in our doula service area. We apply $100 as an out-of-area fee, which is non-refundable.
  • Special financing is available for an additional fee - The Happiest Doulas offers split payments, please inquire if needed.
  • Your purchase confirmation includes our group's National Provider ID # and taxonomy code, which allows you to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider, and flexible or health savings accounts.

A holiday fee applies to all estimated due dates one week before and after Thanksgiving (11/27), Christmas, and New Year's. A $150 cost applies to EDDs between 11/20-12/4, and 12/18-1/8.

As of July 26, our November and December calendar is already half booked and we urge you to secure doula support today. We cannot guarantee our availability to provide RUSH or Last Minute "Emergency" packages, especially during the holiday season.

Ready to secure your doula for the best birthday ever? Click here to read the details and purchase your package now.