Megan Ciampa

"I was so thankful for Megan throughout my whole pregnancy, as she was a great resource to ask questions and was such an encourager through the whole process." - Amanda M.

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Specialties: Natural Birth Preparation, Childbirth Ed, Breastfeeding

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Megan is a former school counselor and a mom of 4 kids. She has personal experience with both in and out-of-hospital births and has an affinity for helping women solve breastfeeding challenges. Her passion for guiding women led her to become a childbirth educator. Megan teaches our childbirth class in Tampa. 

Get to Know Megan...

  • She's a proud Minnesotan native, but absolutely loves the Florida sunshine.

  • Megan minored in Spanish and has an M.A. in School Guidance Counseling.

  • She's obsessed with personality profiles. On the MBTI, she is an ENFP. Connecting with others gives her life.

What shaped your attitude about birth? On a whim, one fateful day in 2008, I accepted an invite from a friend in the throes of nursing school to go see a special screening of The Business of Being Born at the University of South Florida. That night, with motherhood seemingly years away from me at that point, my eyes were opened forever. I was surrounded by doulas and medical professionals, as well as moms and dads who cared passionately about birth, and decided that whenever the time came for me to have a child, I would do things differently.

Little did I know, less than a year later I would become pregnant with my first child and begin researching all things related to childbirth. And at 28 weeks, I did a very brave thing, and my husband and I transferred care to a local birth center to increase my chances of having a natural birth.

Each pregnancy I learned more and more about one of the most incredible highs a woman might ever experience: birth.

Where did you find your passion to become a childbirth instructor? 11 weeks later, my first child was born on a very peaceful, sunny and serene day at the birth center. After she was born, despite several obstacles she and I both had to overcome after her birth, I became a huge birth advocate.

Fast forward several years, and I’ve seen been blessed to deliver two healthy boys in a hospital setting each time using a doula to help achieve our goals. Each pregnancy I learned more and more about one of the most incredible highs a woman might ever experience: birth. I was officially obsessed, and I wanted to equip other women in the same way I had been.

After my third baby I decided it was time to do something about this obsession and became certified as a childbirth instructor. I love empowering other women with tools and knowledge to achieve the birth they desire!