Reserve Help with Breastfeeding, Baby Care and Sleep Problems

Overwhelmed by all the information and advice available about newborns? We can help! Our team is a collective of registered nurses, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and infant care specialists in Atlanta and Tampa. To help launch you safely into parenthood, we offer the following perinatal educational services and postpartum doula support.

Postnatal Lactation Visit

One of our doulas with specialized training as a certified lactation counselor will observe a feeding session, address your individual concerns and make any needed adjustments to your position, latch, etc. in order to improve your performance. We'll show you how to recognize and correct infant dehydration, promote productive sleep patterns, and how to create your breastfeeding sanctuary. You will receive a specialized plan to help you establish and achieve your future breastfeeding goals. Includes hands-on assistance while feeding, and phone and email support for 2 weeks post visit.

Support on-demand is ready when you need it most. Only 12 hours notice is necessary to receive breastfeeding help.  

90 minute, in-home session.

Personalized Sleep Plan

This is the solution for ending sleepless nights! Speak with Stephanie Finn, a pediatric nurse practitioner and sleep consultant, to devise a personalized plan for your baby, tailored to the needs of your family. Good for babies 0-12 months.

  • 45-60 minute phone consult to cover sleep history, daily routine and nighttime wakings

  • Emailed sleep plan including a daily schedule and specific recommendations for your family

  • 20-30 minute follow-up phone call

  • 2 follow-up emails to provide further guidance and answers to any additional questions

Parent Essentials - Private, Personalized In-home Learning

The Essential Lesson teaches you everything you need to know about taking care of and keeping a newborn baby calm and content. We provide updated, safe and pertinent information on:

  • Infant care, colic, sleep hygiene, feeding and babywearing safety

  • Postpartum care and new parent issues

  • Must-have clothing items and baby gear

  • Diaper and feeding station(s) set-up

  • Nursery and sleep station(s) set-up

  • Crib, co-sleeping and/or bed sharing

  • Must-haves for beneficial naps and sleep safety

  • SIDS prevention

Schedule this private lesson to take place right before or after baby's birthday.