Christina Thomson

“The moments of eye contact and reassurance from Christina were immeasurable. They allowed me to find strength I never knew I had.” - Lydia McMillan

Christina is a doula and has had two babies with Intown Midwifery at Atlanta, Medical Center. She has had a recent WATERBIRTH and lives in the East Atlanta area.

Specialties: Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices, Sibling Care

Intown Doula - Christina Thompson provides labor support with The Happiest Doulas in Atlanta

Age 2, always smiling! 


Christina has served Atlanta area families for over 10 years as a nanny, early childhood educator, and doula. She began her training with CAPPA in 2015 as a labor and postpartum doula, and has since trained as a Lamaze childbirth instructor.

Accepting inquiries for birthdays in the areas of Atlanta and Peachtree City and offers birth and sibling doula support.

Her interview location is Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery, 720 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30316.


Get To Know Christina

  • If she could, she'd spend all of her money on fancy yarn.

  • At 15, her first job was a bag girl at Food Lion. She has to stop herself from taking over when people don't bag groceries "the right way."

  • She simultaneously is a food snob and lover of Velveeta Cheese.


Why did you become a doula? My background is in early childhood education and nannying. When I got pregnant with my first son, I became really interested in birth, in the whole process and the options available to pregnant women. I saw birth as something to embrace and prepare for and felt like my experience should be how I wanted it to be. It was hard and intense, but I felt so strong and empowered afterwards. The call to become a doula came when a friend asked me to be with her during her birth. Being with her during that time made me realize how passionate I was about birth and helping women have the experience they want to have and to know how to prepare for it. I began my training with CAPPA and have recently recertified with Birth Boot Camp DOULAS, and it feels right, like this is what I'm meant to do.

What differentiates you from other doulas? People find strength and confidence in my calm demeanor. It helps them to stay relaxed, focused, and confident in the birth process. I'm a natural caregiver. I draw knowledge from my experiences as a mother, teacher, and nanny to help ensure a satisfying and safe birth experience. I have a gift for knowing how to hold space in a room. It’s important to know what I can do or say to assist during labor, but it is just as important to know when to not say or do too much. There’s an art to allowing birth to unfold and happen, and your doula should know how to let that happen and guide you, whether you are delivering naturally or you are laboring with pain medicine or an epidural.

Even though you can’t predict how your birth will go, you can prepare.

Will you support me through any decision? Absolutely! Every birth is different. With my first son, I had the ideal natural birth. I had prepared for a natural birth and was ready for the process. I labored naturally for 22 hours, and he was born happy and healthy and started breastfeeding immediately! It was an amazing experience and one that I was prepared to do again with my second baby. But, when my water broke unexpectedly at 34 weeks, it set me on a totally different birth path. After a slow 4 day induction process he was born strong and healthy but because he was early he had to spend over a week in NICU. He didn’t breastfeed right away and started on formula. I suddenly found myself navigating a totally different world as a mom of a preemie who was in NICU. It wasn’t my ideal birth experience, but it was still an amazing and empowering experience because I felt confident in my decisions and my care providers decisions to make sure everyone had the best possible outcome.

As a doula, I have supported women through natural birth and through induced births where pain medicine and epidurals are requested. Whatever your decisions are or even if they change during labor, I support you and help you feel confident and knowledgeable throughout the journey.