The advantage of hiring a group of doulas...

Our team is well known throughout Atlanta and our reputation is positive. Our clients have the distinct advantage of working with a group of dedicated professionals that support each other and provide back-up help when needed, which is not a guarantee when working with a doula who is an independent contractor. We encourage you to make sure you will have dedicated support for your birthday celebration and have hired the best choice to meet your needs. 

In metro Atlanta and Tampa Bay, certified doulas who have attended 50+ births charge a fee ranging from $950 - 1,600. A trained but less experienced doula may only charge $400-900. In NYC and parts of Miami, the going rate for a doula who has attended 100+ births is more than $2,500. Some doulas even charge $10,000 per birth. 

The amount of in-person support you might receive for labor and delivery could be anywhere from 3 to 24 hours, plus on-call "ready" time 24/7 for several weeks in a row. When you factor this, even the most expensive doulas are a bargain! The right doula for you is priceless.

The Happiest Doulas provides dedicated primary and secondary (back-up) doulas in both Tampa and Atlanta. We accept credit card payments right from this website and encourage you to submit your order confirmation, which contains our NPI and taxonomy codes, to your health insurance provider for potential reimbursement. A payment plan via invoicing is available too.