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We're a professional network of dedicated doulas and childbirth instructors providing clients with care they can depend on. Your investment in our services secures personalized support and peace of mind for your baby's birthday.     

Our clients select their primary choice for doula support. Beginning the moment we agree to work together, your primary doula is on call for you to provide assistance whenever and wherever you need it. If on the rare occasion your primary doula is sick or with another client when you need labor support, be assured that you will have birthday help upon request. Typically, secondary doula support is provided by your childbirth instructor - she is a walking encyclopedia on labor and birth and someone with whom you have already spent time discussing your birthday plans. You'll also receive the contact info of all the doulas featured below so you know we've got your birthday covered. The Happiest Doulas guarantee you'll have birth support when you need it!

Ready to know more? Explore a few of our profiles and then request a free consult with the agency owner, Cynthya. We look forward to connecting with you.



To learn more about building a team for your baby's birthday, request a consult with Cynthya, agency owner and childbirth concierge.