What Happens If I Need a C-section?

Our doulas provide support for all types of births, including surgical births. For cesareans, we provide in-person support as much as the birthing facility will allow us to do so. We are often alongside clients in surgery - some OBs encourage us to assist clients with breastfeeding - we can take photos with your phone or camera and offer support any way a client sees fit. If the hospital or provider won't allow doulas in the OR, we will be with you before surgery and join you post op to help you establish a proper breastfeeding latch. If your OB is flexible, we may be able to join you in surgery when your partner escorts baby to the nursery.

Labor and birth can be very unpredictable. Research has shown repeatedly that having a doula with you during this time reduces the rate of c-section, and is more likely to result in positive outcomes. Occasionally, cesareans are medically necessary due to preexisting circumstances. The majority of these are breech position, twins/triplets, etc., babies that need to be born before 34 weeks, and placenta previa (placenta is laying over cervix). All but one of these conditions are known well in advance of a due date and a breech baby can often be turned externally, allowing for labor and a vaginal delivery. Almost all other reasons for c-section occur during labor.

We never quite know which path a birth will take us down and our team is prepared to support clients however they need us to do so on their journey.