Cynthya Dzialo

"I think about my birth experience often and am so thankful that I was able to avoid medical intervention entirely in a hospital setting. Cynthya helped make that possible and I am forever grateful!" - Julia Lamp

Specialties: Mind-Body-Hypno Relaxation Techniques, Childbirth Ed, Support of Unpartnered / Non-Conformist Familes


18 months, peek-a-boo!


Cynthya is the founder and owner of The Happiest Doulas and oversees the individual needs of each agency client. She holds certification with Childbirth International as a birth doula and is a certified Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula. 

She teaches private childbirth lessons as well as our intensive ONE DAY group class. As a childbirth instructor and doula, she provides her personal clients a balanced approach to mind-body-relaxation tools specific to pregnancy and labor.

Cynthya attends birthdays in the area of St. Pete - Clearwater - Tampa.

Tampa General Hospital
BayCare (St. Joseph's - Women's, South and North)
BayCare (Morton Plant)
Florida Hospital (Tampa and Wesley Chapel)
Trinity Medical Center
Lakeland Regional Health
Brandon Regional Hospital
Spring Hill Regional Hospital


Get To Know Cynthya

  • She spent countless days of her young-adult life following Days of Our Lives. Presently, she doesn't own a TV or subscribe to cable or Netflix, etc.
  • She lives with a 10 year old beagle named Chili Dog, gifted to her by her first doula client.
  • When she was 32 years old, she gave up all her possessions for a summer job leading 32 sixteen year olds through the back country of MT and WY. In awful experiment, toilet paper was banned and she hasn't camped since.

Who do you like to work with most? My ideal client is someone who wants support in being their own hero; someone who wants to do it their way and wants a boost from me toward their set goals. It's rewarding to see them achieve this for themselves.

I've heard some doctors and hospitals refuse to work with certain doulas. Will my doula be told to leave me while I'm in labor? Unfortunately, I too have heard (and witnessed) the ugly situation that occurs when a doula is told to leave the hospital and her laboring clients. Our team would never interfere with your medical care, and we excel at navigating difficult situations that may appear to limit a client's options. Go ahead, ask around about us - check in with your hospital tour guide and speak with your midwife or OB about their experience working with our agency.

Do you have restrictions on working with my OB or hospital? No way! Our agency works with ANY medical provider at ALL area hospitals. We will cheerfully do so!

We respect your choices and work for you, alongside your doctor or midwife, to help you have your ideal experience. We have no other agenda than this.

We carefully navigate our role as supportive doulas while enhancing our working relationship with hospital staff members and medical care providers. We understand other doulas have limitations and will not work with clients planning to deliver at Northside Hospital and Piedmont Healthcare or if their client is under the care of a certain OB or medical practice. Our team's super-power is the ability to collaboratively work with the people YOU have chosen to provide healthcare for your baby's birthday. We respect your choices and work for you unconditionally, alongside your doctor or midwife, to help you have your ideal childbirth experience. We have no other agenda than this.

The hospital is a busy place! Can you help me and my partner make this birthday an intimate, bonding experience? Unless you plan to have an unassisted birth at home, you will be interacting with many people during your hospital stay. We are the guardians of your birthing environment. By preserving the ambience of the room, limiting distractions, and guiding your partner in their support of you, your doula is the "magician behind the curtain" helping you both feel relaxed, respected and cared for.