Be Prepared: Plan Ahead and Book Early

  1. Program your phone with the contact numbers and email addresses of both your primary and secondary doulas.
  2. Schedule your private childbirth lesson to take place at your home near 34-35 weeks gestation. Contact your instructor via email.
  3. Schedule your prenatal meeting to take place in your home around week 36-37 of your pregnancy. Contact your doula via email.
  4. Review our recommended list of items to pack in your hospital labor bag. It is a good idea for you to own a birth ball, an essential oil for relaxation/aromatherapy, a string of christmas lights, and a rice sock or heating pad. Have fun shopping!
  5. Prepare your Birth Preferences / Plan. Read our sample birth plans and draft your own so we can review it together at our prenatal meeting. Please don't begin writing your plan until your childbirth class is complete.


Reserve Perinatal Services and Classes

  1. Purchase a package for maternity, birth and/or newborn photography. Christina Hodgen of BirthYearBook offers special rates to our doula clients and she books many months ahead of time.
  2. The Pregnancy Massage Center has a waiting list so schedule your massage(s) well in advance. You can purchase a 4 pack of 60 minute massages at our special discount here.
  3. Secure a postpartum lactation consultation now for an in-home visit after baby has arrived. The team at Milk Drunk can teach you some tricks even if you don't have breastfeeding issues or questions.
  4. Purchase a Placenta Healing package to encapsulate your placenta and heal naturally post-birth.
  5. Check with the Red Cross or your hospital about Infant CPR classes.
  6. Plan ahead of time and secure postpartum doula support for extra special care from Parent Nurture.
  7. Reserve personal culinary services by MamaFare, stock the freezer or line up a meal train. 


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